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Earth-keeper & Earth Medicine Enthusiast

Growing up in a rural area in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, I was very fortunate to be fully immersed in nature for all of my childhood. I dreamed (and truly believed) I could communicate with the birds, I had special relationships with places in the forest behind my home and along the creek to the South side of my house, concocted all sorts of "medicines" from any plant stuff I found. My father and I shared a love of the trees, plants and all wild creatures and still share this love. Some of my fondest memories are of tending a garden with my father, or watching wildlife.


As a young adult I was obsessed with gardening, and my parents gifted the opportunity to join the Master Gardener program at my local Cornell Cooperative Extension, where I learned all about anything I wanted to grow and ate up the course content voraciously (and likely drove everyone around me crazy talking about it). The thing is that looking back, any and everything about the natural world that has come my way I have consumed with that much passion. One of the things that has been particularly noteworthy is that I have always craved to share that passion with others, and ultimately, it was when I met fungi that things really started to ramp up and my vision of helping others connect with and use the medicines of the Earth began to form my understanding that this is and has always been my purpose. Learning to identify mushrooms and plants has made every hike and every simple walk so much more interesting and magical (and slower-going for everyone involved, much to my family's dismay). My four year-old's pace and his Daddy's newfound appreciation (which I pat myself on the back a little for) have provided some enjoyable memories and yielded some very positive effects for our entire family's health. In an unofficial capacity, I have been crafting mushroom tinctures and herb blends for years, which have been very helpful for my friends and family members. However, my true vision is to have the professional capacity to share my ever-expanding knowledge and experience with my community and help others to improve the quality of their lives the way my life and the lives of those around me have been improved by Earth medicine. Though it's been attributed to both Shakespeare and Picasso- whoever it was that actually said, "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.", spoke to my heart and I want to be able to honor the Earth and my fellow creatures by living out the purpose of my life. 

I hope you find the content of my site helpful! Please feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions or comments. 

To your vibrant health!

Elizabeth Chase

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