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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

As a sustainable business model, I truly believe in reuse rather than consumption of new materials whenever possible. While it's nice to get a fancy fresh box in the mail, it does not align with my values to buy more stuff to put into the endless stream of trash going into our landfills (and that's to say nothing of the sometimes toxic compounds that go into making them and what they break down into and go into our soil as). At times it might be necessary that I use new packaging, but whenever possible I reuse what we all have in abundance, which not only sets a lighter footprint on our planet, but saves you money.


Shipments go out as fast as I can manage, but typically turnover for your order is 2-5 days from order placement to shipping.

Return & Exchange Policy

I want to do everything I can to make sure you have a good experience with my products! As a small business there are some limitations on what I can do. 

  • I do not offer returns  or refunds for open products, as they cannot be restocked no matter if you used them or not. 

  • Exchanges can be made on new unopened products, however return shipment cost will be yours and exchange can only be made for items of same value.

  • If you truly have an issue with the product you've purchased, please send an email on the contact page detailing the problem and I'll see what kind of solution I can come up with!

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