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Itch & Ouch All-Purpose Salve

Itch & Ouch All-Purpose Salve


Go out at any time of the year where there isn't snow and you can find Plantain. Spring brings whole swaths of yards all over the continent to be covered in Purple Dead-Nettle. Once the bees have had their fill and other blooms are providing them with food, I gather these in clean, wild areas. As for both, you can eat them, you can use them as a field poultice (chew 'em up and slap them on). These are WONDER WEEDS! Anti-inflammatory and helpful for stings and scrapes, this is the all-purpose salve that lives in every first-aid kit I have (yes, there's one for the house, one for the car, one for the camp, and one for the hike... and I'm sure if I did other things regularly, I'd have one on-hand wherever I did those things too!) 


Note: I am not a doctor, and most herbal substances are not FDA regulated. I cannot prescribe or advise your use of this or any other herb/mushroom preparation on this website and none of the information or items found herein constitutes medical advice or substitutes for medical treatment. Always consult a doctor and thoroughly research before beginning work with any herb or mushroom. 

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