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Cottonwood Salve

Cottonwood Salve


"Balm of Gilead" is another name for this traditional preparation. In early Spring, when the poplars bud, they fill up with fragrant resin which has been historically used for a range of skin issues. Not only is the light fragrance so delightful, but the potential it has to assist with wounds and painful joints (bumps and bruises, too!) is worth experiencing.


A quick story about cottonwoods and my personal experience: I was sawing through bamboo one day with a hand saw and in my haste, I carelessly sawed DEEPLY into my thumb (like, into the nail). It was a mess, and I'll spare you the visual. BUT, I came home and started applying the resin-infused oil to it and immediately the pain subsided. Within 3 days the wound had completely healed and after 5 days I couldn't even tell there had been an injury. To this day, I can tell there is a toughness to the area, but cannot see a scar. (This I compare against another terrible day where I lost a good chunk of the tip of my index finger to a meat slicer- it's been YEARS and I can still see that scar distinctly.) Long story short, I have found this to be indispensable in my collection. 


*This is a limited supply item, as I only gather the trees' downed limbs and never take from the living tree. Once it's gone, it's gone until next Springs' buds.Smells delightful, aids quick wound repair, soothes skin and is a powerful pain crusher. Sometimes I just use it as a light solid perfume.


Note: I am not a doctor, and most herbal substances are not FDA regulated. I cannot prescribe or advise your use of this or any other herb/mushroom preparation on this website and none of the information or items found herein constitutes medical advice or substitutes for medical treatment. Always consult a doctor and thoroughly research before beginning work with any herb or mushroom. 

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