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Coal & Clay Drawing Salve

Coal & Clay Drawing Salve


Combining the detoxifying power of activated charcoal and bentonite clay with skin-soothing plantain and calendula infused oils, this salve is messy but a tremendous help with poison ivy and poison oak and stings of all kinds. Pro-tip: treat as a wound dressing if there's any chance you might get this on any nice clothes or bedding (covering up with clean cotton wrap or gauze). Washes off skin easily enough with soap and water, so don't be afraid of the charcoal-smudged "Les Miserables" look! 


Note: I am not a doctor, and most herbal substances are not FDA regulated. I cannot prescribe or advise your use of this or any other herb/mushroom preparation on this website and none of the information or items found herein constitutes medical advice or substitutes for medical treatment. Always consult a doctor and thoroughly research before beginning work with any herb or mushroom. 

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